Sea Kayak USA Retailers

Sea Kayaking USA is the Southeast/ Central US Importer/Distributor for Sea Kayaking UK (Nigel Dennis Kayaks). The following is a list of retail establishments who can help you with your purchase. If you have difficulty finding what you want through one of these dealers, please contact us at

Capital City Kayak, serving the greater Washington DC area.
Sells SKUK kayaks and Celtic paddles
Telephone: 703-407-6014. email:

Wave Paddler, Charleston, SC
Sells SKUK kayaks
Telephone: 843-410-9696

Sea Kayak Georgia 1102 Highway 80, Tybee Island, Georgia 31328
Sells SKUK kayaks
Telephone: 912-786-8732 Toll free: 888-529-2542

RiverCoast – California
San Jose, California, 95037
Sells NDK kayaks and Celtic paddles
phone: (512) 292-9968, email

RiverCoast – Texas
Austin, Texas, 78748
Sells NDK kayaks and Celtic paddles
phone: (512) 292-9968, email

Trek & Trail Sea Kayaking Adventures, 7 Washington Ave., Bayfield, WI 54814. Sells NDK kayaks
Telephone: (800) 354-8735 or 715-779-3595

Canoe Sport Outfitters 204 W Salem Ave, Indianola, IA 50125
Sells SKUK kayaks and Celtic paddles

Turnagain Kayak, 19796 Hope Hwy., Hope, AK
Sells SKUK kayaks
Telephone: 907-764-1910

Southeast Alaska Expeditions (SEAK), Haines, AK.
Sells SKUK kayaks
Telephone: (907) 303-0234

Uncommon Adventures Beulah, MI
Sells SKUK kayaks
Telephone: (231) 882 5525

Kayaking Books & Tales of Adventure

If you have a zest for adventure, you’ll enjoy these books from ACA Kayak Instructor Dov Neimand!

If Things Go Right: A Story of Kayaking Conquest and Misadventure — Dov Neimand set out to kayak from Spain to Israel. In this travelogue his innate heroism, natural talent, fortitude, careful planning, and faith in God were laid waste by dangerous seas, angry security forces, self-cleaning bathrooms, and desperation for a shower. Having long abandoned any scrap of dignity, he sought shelter in the kindness of strangers and beds beneath the stars.

Close to the Sun: A Second Story of Kayaking Conquest and Misadventure — Dov returns to the Mediterranean, because kayaking is a lot easier than life. Join him in this hilarious, heroic epic where he confronts the mafia, is jailed by fascists, leads a search and recovery team, coordinates a joint US Air Force and Italian law enforcement operation, and recovers his stolen kayak from thugs.