Reed Chillcheater Spray Skirts, Cockpit Covers & Hatch Covers

Sea Kayaking USA is an importer/distributor of Reed Chillcheater products for sea kayakers in the US. We stock aquatherm spray skirts, cockpit covers and emergency hatch covers through our dealer network.   We encourage you to support your local kayak shop to order Reed gear.

Reed Spray Skirts

reed-spraydeckOur Aquatherm Spray Deck with Adjustable waist is a lightweight revolutionary design. Ideal for slalom, sea kayaking, polo, touring and recreational use. Draw cord waistband.

The fabric’s outer surface is 20 times more abrasion resistant than neoprene. Aquatherm deck fabric has 360 degree stretch, instant memory return, and has 80% less volume and weight compared with traditional neoprene products without compromising performance. It is comfortable, durable and supple, UV stable, waterproof and fast drying. A popular choice for competition disciplines: slalom, polo, surf, sprint / marathon and river racing as well as for sea kayaking / touring and recreational use. For rodeo, whitewater, extreme conditions, and for practising rescues, we recommend our neoprene decks.

Fitting: Boat Cockpit Size: We stock standard NDK/SKUK cockpit sizes.  Click here for the Reed size guide (pdf, opens in new window)

Reed Aquatherm Cockpit Cover

reed-cockpit-coverMade from Superstretch Aquatherm. A lightweight, waterproof, durable, cockpit cover. Long lasting cover to keep out the elements and any passing bugs when storing or transporting your boat.

Reed Emergency Hatch Cover

reed-hatch-coversCircular, durable, waterproof, compact and flexible hatch cover. Super Stretch Aquatherm fabric covers to keep out the elements. Long lasting – the fabric does not break down or split with UV. 6mm shock cord with a tensioning fixed lock. Shrink wrapped stainless steel hog ring end for secure fastening to deck lines.

Available in 8″ or 10″ round sizes, and 17″ oval.