About Dale

Dale Williams is an ACA L-5 Instructor Trainer Educator (ITE) and former British Canoe Union (BCU) Coach 5T Sea. He loves teaching and turning others on to open-water sea kayaking.

He’s known for his detailed knowledge of all things kayaking and his strong opinion about all manner of things not. His early experience teaching sport parachuting, skiing and paragliding shaped his views about sport physics. His time in the Air Force as an Air-to-Air Controller shaped his views about communication in dynamic environments and about how learning occurs in post-activity analysis. But nothing ever stuck with him quite like sea kayaking. The people involved, the industry and the activity itself have occupied a large part of his life for 25 years. Dale makes his home on Tybee Island, Georgia (there was a woman involved) and as it turns out, Tybee has some of the best access to multi-level challenges in surf and river mouth tide races that one could hope for, anywhere.

Dale travels in support of new instructor development and organizes trips to some of the world’s most interesting paddling locations (or at least hopes to again when the COVID-coast is clear). By the grace and patience of many, he serves on the ACA Coastal Kayak Committee which develops course curriculum and helps set standards for sea kayaking certifications.