Performance Sea Kayaks

Unleash Your

Paddling Skills

Welcome to Sea Kayak USA, where we import and distribute performance kayaks, paddles and gear.  Here you’ll find SKUK/NDK Kayaks, Celtic paddles and Reed paddling clothing and gear.

Prepare For The Adrenaline Rush

The Best Materials. Handcrafted. Zero Compromises.

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Performance Design

Every SKUK/NDK kayak is designed with a specific performance paddling goal.

Designed to Survive

Our layup is designed to allow for repairs in the field. Even with significant holes SKUK kayaks are expedition worthy.

Waterproof Hatches

The round design ensures a snug fit and structural integrity.

Cockpit Control

Our performance seat, keyhole cockpits and sturdy footpegs put you in control.

Quality That Lasts

Not Just For Adventures

Quality, performance gear makes a difference no matter where or when you are paddling.  We distribute proven gear that doesn’t hold you back, and is just as fun on flat water as in the world’s most challenging conditions.

Paddles That Work

Built By Actual Paddlers

Celtic paddles are used worldwide and are known for their flexibility, reliability and performance.  With interchangeable blades, adjustable shaft length and shaft shape options, you won’t find a more paddler-friendly paddle system.

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Discover How Fun it Can Be

Clips of gear in action.

Surfing the Latitude

Sea Kayak Surfing Blue Hill Tiderace in an SKUK/NDK Latitude.

Autumn Gales

A definitive annual test of performance kayaking gear.  And skills.

Reed Characteristics

Why Reed Chillcheater gear is so strong — learn about the quality.

Celtic Paddles

The Celtic Pro range: Designed for the Intermediate to Advanced paddler who wants a strong, reliable and efficient paddle that handles well in wind and rough seas. The two piece has an infinite feather adjustment and a 10 cm range in length. The Lever-lok system is reliable and will not slip or become loose at the joint.  These are manufactured from straight or cranked carbon shafts with Carbon Blades.

Blade sizes from 600 to 750
Shaft lengths 205-215, 200-210
Narrow or standard
Crank shaft available in standard